Beyond, The / E tu vivrai nel terrore - L'aldilà (1981)

Picking up on a Lucio Fulci quote it seems that many fans refer to The Beyond as his Artaudian film. However in writing an introduction to Beyond Terror Lucio's daughter Antonella raises a significant doubt about the importance of that statement by pointing to it as an example of her father's humour.

Maybe, however, we are looking at the film the wrong way if we are seeking out a deeper literary source to validate our taste in populist cinema. The Beyond, after all, is a B movie. It is also a beautiful mess.

Eschewing a more traditional narrative and casting aside logic this occasionally somnambulistic film drifts from one shocking set piece to another as a feeling of dread eclipses plot to give the sense of a long lucid nightmare. It may prove beneficial for viewers to overlook the many flaws and just revel in the sheer horror of it all.

This is the product of a particularly fruitful period of collaboration with a Dardano Sacchetti story and a sublime Fabio Frizzi score.


Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics