Blazing Magnum / Una magnum Special per Tony Saitta (1976)

Blazing Magnum has a number of alternative titles but Strange Shadows in an Empty Room is the name that gives a clue as to the nature of this movie.

While the film stylistically has all the hallmarks of a tough cop movie of the Dirty Harry type suggested by the Blazing Magnum title in terms of content the film is a giallo as suggested by Strange Shadows in an Empty Room .

Giallo purists may have a little bit of a problem with the Columbo meets Streets Of San Francisco type vibe going on with this one but those who would like to watch lots of cars getting smashed up and low rent seventies Jack Hill style exploitation scenes such as a tough cop fist fight with a topless, kung fu expert, cutthroat razor wielding transvestite will probably enjoy this.

As this is a Canadian co production it is fair to say that this film has a fundamentally North American rather than European feel. This is a point that is reinforced with the casting of tough guy former forces boxer Stuart Whitman, John Saxon and the incredibly busy Martin Landau along with the use of a Montreal setting.


Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics