Frivolous Lola / Monella (1998)

3.5 out of 5

At it's heart this Tinto Brass effort is a romantic comedy. Frivolous Lola is sweet, frivolous and really very charming. It is also beautifully shot with delightful score.

Set in the fifties we meed Lola, the show stealing Anna Ammirati, a bride to be who does not wish to walk up the aisle as a virgin. The story follows her as she tries to get her more traditional boyfriend into the sack before the wedding day to be sure that he is up to the job in the lovemaking department.

Featuring the occasional dance number it has to be said that Brass approaches the subject of sex in a way that does not treat the viewers like children. Sure there is the occasional lapse into infantile humour with bicycle seat sniffing priests and voyeurism but in general the subject of sex is integral to the plot rather than something to promote the schoolboy sniggering expected from the Carry On franchise or the numerous recent American sex comedies.

Horror fans will recognise Serena Grandi from Anthropophagous, Susanna Martinkov√° from House Of Witchcraft and Laura Trotter from Nightmare City. British viewers may also find some amusement from the casting of Patrick Mower who is a star of the long running soap opera Emmerdale.

The film is as charming and frivolous as the title suggests with a cafe based dance number, as a drunken Lola moves to Mambo italiano, being especially memorable.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics