Voices From Beyond / Voci dal profondo (1994)

3.0 out of 5

Despite an official release date of 1994 Voices From Beyond is not Lucio Fulci's final film which was Door To Silence in 1991. Voices From Beyond was shown in Cannes in 1991. Lucio dedicated this movie, rather pointedly, to his few "real friends" among whom he lists Clive Barker.

The story is of a dead man trying to solve his own murder. Beginning with an inner dialogue similar to that of Short Night Of Glass Dolls he channels his spirit via his daughter who is led on a traditional whodunnit that is far less convuluted than many giallo.

Critics generally suggest that Fulci's later work is sub standard but Voices From Beyond is a work of great maturity and despite having a token zombie dream sequences relies less on gimmicks than his earlier horror work and instead provides a well crafted story driven thriller.

Other criticisms have suggested that the film lacks all of Fulci's trademarks however nothing could be further from the truth. The natural lighting style, the soft focus dream sequences, the close ups of eyes, the shallow focus technique to pick out characters, a director cameo as a pathologist and even an imaginative eyeball trauma are all Fulci trademarks and are clearly present. The score is provided by Stelvio Cipriani. Duilio Del Prete and Karina Huff star.

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