Cemetery Man / Dellamorte Dellamore (1994)

Death surrounds Francesco Dellamorte, the son of Dellamore, a caretaker of a cemetery where the dead return to life. He is a self proclaimed patron saint of death. Dellamorte, portrayed wonderfully by Rupert Everett, has to dispatch the dead a second time upon their resurrection and the nature of his work leads Francesco to question his own existence. A life in which he is as much a prisoner of the cemetery as the dead "returners". He falls in love.

Directed by Argento protege Michele Soavi the visually stunning Dellamorte Dellamore is a film loaded existentialist introspection as Francesco attempts to understand his very meaning and purpose.

Fran├žois Hadji-Lazaro plays a fantastic supporting role as Dellamorte's friend and assistant. It is however very much Everett's film.

The incredible Dellamorte Dellamore completely subverts and playfully switches and melds genre and as a result produces a unique, thought provoking, intelligent and exceptionally inventive piece of film-making.


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