Girl In Room 2a, The / La casa della paura (1973)

1.5 out of 5

Oh dear, what a waste of potential La casa della paura turns out to be. With a Mexican wrestling styled scarlet masked and caped cult leader engaging in the bondage, torture and execution of women recently released from prison the movie had all the hallmarks of being the sleazy gem promised as by a pre credits sequence. Unfortunately momentum is quickly lost.

The film suffers with disinterested direction from William Rose, wooden performances, choppy editing, flat cinematography and an inappropriately used soundtrack. The score is more than likely library music and is repeated as a cue for every action scene make the whole experience feel like the giallo equivalent of Dünyayi kurtaran adam without the undoubted sense of fun of the Turkish science fiction trash classic.

Completists will no doubt eventually come around to seeing this and fans of bad film may find something in The Girl In Room 2a but in truth the film is not very interesting.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics