Secrets of a Call Girl / Anna, quel particolare piacere (1973)

3.0 out of 5

Anna is played by Edwige Fenech. She works in a coffee shop but falls in love with the a crazy in a bad way criminal named Guido (Corrado Pani) who punches her a lot then forces her to smuggle drugs and work as a prostitute. He gets arrested, she has a baby then he is released. This is a drama, vice exposé and a Eurocrime.

The film comes from the talented pen of Ernesto Gastaldi and is directed by Giuliano Carnimeo who also brought the world the unfortunate rubbish that is Ratman. The score is by Luciano Michelini and it is pretty good too. It is a shame he did not produce far more.

Secrets of a Call Girl does have an interesting story and while the exposé elements are a bit underwhelming and fail to adequately capture the seediness of the whole affair the crime story is well handled if a little low key by genre standards. While this movie can never be described as fun, despite the presence of a stripping clown, the story draws the viewer in as it causes one to feel sympathy for Anna as she is caught up in a world of despicable characters and low rent thugs.

The excellent Richard Conte puts in an appearance as a mob boss.

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