Zeder (1983)

3.0 out of 5

Zeder, a horror film from House With Laughing Windows director Pupi Avati, is not a zombie film as such but the dead do come back to life thanks to what are known in the film as K Zones. These zones are burial places where the laws of nature are turned on their head and the dead can be reincarnated.

In short Zeder is a little bit Pet Sematary with some Argento style pseudo-science and a conspiracy that rivals that of Short Night Of Glass Dolls.

The cinematography is great, as would be expected, and the lead role played by Gabriele Lavia is to be commended. This is a film that has no shortage of good ideas.

Unfortunately, and on the minus side, Zeder is a little too slow and the potential of the conspiracy thriller and horror elements fail to really hit the mark so Zeder, though not by any means a bad film, only provokes thoughts of what it could have been.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics