Sweet Body of Deborah, The / Il dolce corpo di Deborah (1968)

One should not expect the typical fedora wearing, gloved and knife wielding slasher style whodunnit that is most commonly associated with the giallo thriller as this late sixties genre entry takes a different course altogether. Starring Jean Sorel the French Italian co production Il dolce corpo di Deborah is part of a separate giallo tradition that turns out to be far more low key, dialogue and story oriented psychological thriller as opposed to the more formulaic Blood And Black Lace inspired entries that became increasingly bizarre and sensationalist over time.

This film, as her first genre entry, set a pattern for subsequent roles for Carroll Baker including a number of appearances under the direction of Umberto Lenzi.

Written by Ernesto Gastaldi, a name responsible for some excellent Italian genre film, The Sweet Body of Deborah also marked a turning point for George Hilton who moves away from westerns for his first giallo in a Clare Quilty type role.

The on screen romance between Baker and Sorel is charming as they canoodle, dance, laugh and play Twister. The locations are easy on the eye and the score by Nora Orlandi is pleasant thus making the film a reasonable way to spend ninety minutes or so.


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