Ator the Invincible / Ator l'invincibile (1982)

1.5 out of 5

It was suggested once by John Morghen that one should not consider Lucio Fulci an auteur of genre cinema but consider much of his work in far more practical terms and describing him, like his contemporaries, as take the money and run directors who would have made Ator l'invincibile had the right offer been made. Well, Joe D'Amato did actually make Ator l'invincibile.

Haters on the Internet Movie Database suggest that the film itself is a complete waste of time, a hopeless mess. Maybe in this they would be right. However it is an engrossing mess, a captivating mess. It would never win an Oscar but it would entertain, albeit without much style or substance.

What is particularly surprising is D'Amato largely drops the sex and extreme violence to direct and write what is a far more family friendly entry into the sword and sorcery peplum style revival complete with cute bear cub. This is far more suitable for the bairns than Lucio Fulci's often brutal Conquest.

This is lighthearted and entertaining hokum that does not especially seek to challenge but does educate on the ethics of marrying ones sister.

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