Again / Las trompetas del apocalipsis (1969)

1.5 out of 5

Trumpets Of The Apocalypse sometimes goes under the title of Perversion Story as does Lucio Fulci's Una sull'altra and his Beatrice Cenci. It also occasionally goes under the title Again which is not particularly apt given that this film is likely to have and extremely limited replay value. Though if it will appeal to anyone then fans of Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things or Dracula AD 1972 may find some joy in the approximation to drug induced flower power cod philosophy that infuses the whole feature.

This Spanish and Italian co-production directed by Julio Buchs may well be completely crackers but despite hey daddy-o beatnik style psychobabble dialogue spouting hippies and scenes of drug taking this stock footage laden London set giallo is far too conservative as Brett Halsey skulks about in back alleys, gets into stagy West Side Story style fist fights and looks uncomfortable at various happening.

Briefly, late in the day, Trumpets Of The Apocalypse seems to want to turn into something akin to the excellent 39 Steps as it presents the potential for an intriguing mystery with a code to crack, unfortunately this is not developed and it all comes to an end as soon as the idea raises it's head.

While there is an element of pseudoscience of which Argento would be proud, any comparisons should begin and end there. Again is, after all, turgid and uninspired with all the excitement of starched suit. Not again please.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics