Midnight Blue (1979)

3.5 out of 5

A trio of female athletes take a weekend sabbatical from their daily drill and settle at a villa near the beach where they perchance to meet two rugged men and another played by the ever so homely Vincenzo Crocitti of Avere vent'anni fame. What begins as hi-jinx and consensual sex takes a turn for the darker when, upon inviting these shady gentlemen to their less than humble abode, the girls discover that these are in fact latter day desperadoes on the lam.

From here on in the film is basically a Last House On The Beach redux courtesy of Raimondo Del Balzo. It is a house invasion thriller that does little to stray from those cast in the familiar mould.

Given that these girls are in fact athletes, no matter how unconvincingly they play the role, it should come as no surprise that the obligatory revenge segment relates to their disciplines of high jump, relay running and javelin minus any real high jumping or indeed a baton. While this is all a little daft by genre standards the film does become darker still where revenge is met by consequence in a finale reminiscent of the cafe scene epilogue of To Be Twenty. That didn't turn out too well for the girls either.

Giancarlo Prete, minus the preposterous post nuclear goldfish bowl shoulder pads of New Barbarians, is in this as a baddie and cynical ending apart this is goofy exploitation as it should be.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics