Bury Them Deep / All'ultimo sangue (1968)

2.5 out of 5

This curious Italo western riffs freely from Leone's last two films in the Dollars trilogy and likewise contains a good cast. Craig Hill, Taste Of Killing, appears alongside sword and sandal alumni, Ettore Manni and the stunning Jose Greci. Former stunt man and prolific supporting actor, Giovanni Cianfriglia plays the main villain here. The filmmakers also utilize one of the most recognizable locales of many a torch and toga epic, the Monte Gelato waterfalls just outside of Rome.

The plot is the typical Mexican bandit gang hijacking a stash of gold while two men of different backgrounds head off in pursuit; both with different agendas. Union Captain Norton is hired to bring in Billy the Gun, Cianfriglia, and requires the assist of El Chalaco, a convict about to be hanged for murder. Norton needs Chalaco as he is familiar with Billy. Once Chalaco finds out who they are tracking, he is all the more willing to help due to a personal vendetta against the vicious bandit.

While there's a preponderance of action, this film offers virtually nothing you haven't seen before in other movies. And scenes from other movies are also utilized here on more than one occasion in what is presumed to have either been a cost cutting measure, or to pad the film out. The new action sequences frequently feature eager stunt men willing to fall from great heights crashing through breakaway roofs of various sorts. The score by Fidenco is possibly the most memorable aspect of the production. But then, if you've ever wanted to see an Italian western with a seemingly endless series of characters riding around valleys and other locations, Bury Them Deep is the movie for you.

Around the halfway point, though, the movie does an about face and becomes a more interesting affair. Cianfriglia, billed under his oft used pseudonym of Ken Wood was a memorable presence in Italian cinema back in the day. He got relatively few lead roles despite a good face, but fares a bit better here as the antagonist than he did as the cold hearted general Ramirez in the previous years Killer Kid. Jose Greci is still mesmerizing, but not the vision of loveliness she was in her numerous peplum/fusto outings. She is terminally wasted here. Bury Them Deep is an average movie at best. It's worth unearthing only for those seeking a mild diversion till a better movie comes along.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics