Graveyard Disturbance / Una notte al cimitero (1987)

1.0 out of 5

This deeply unfunny comedic horror from Lamberto Bava was actually culled from a four part TV show, Brivido giallo, that also included La casa del orco which washed up on English-speaking shores as Demons 3: The Ogre.

A gaggle of teenage tearaways, including Beatrice Ring of Zombi 3 and Karl Zinny of Demons, find themselves stranded in a creepy forest after fleeing the police and avoiding a roadblock. It must be said that the manhunt seems a trifle excessive considering that the full extent of their crime spree was to lift some salami and a couple of beers from the local shop, but logic was never top bullet point on screenwriter Dardano Sachetti’s agenda at the best of times.

Exploring the forest, the gang stumble upon a vast crypt which also happens to contain a cobweb strewn inn, peopled by olde-worldy patrons with glowing eyes. The disfigured innkeeper offers a chest full of riches to our moronic quintet if they can spend one whole night in the crypt – cue much running around corridors and numerous encounters with zombies and other creatures to a horribly dated Simon Boswell soundtrack.

Despite some nice set design and lighting that occasionally puts one in mind of Bava Snr’s work, Graveyard Disturbance is best left undisturbed by all but the most fervent of completists.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics