Murder At The Formula One / Delitto in formula Uno (1984)

1.0 out of 5

Dreadful late entry Tomas Milian/Bombolo cop comedy is so utterly lacking in humor it functions less like a movie than a poorly maintained hospital respirator. Even the movie's attempts to feed off 80s pop culture for example aerobics and Flashdance fall so short as to scarcely earn the whole lame exercise a eulogy.

Detective Nico Giraldi, Milian, and a barely onscreen Bombolo, slapped a meager total of five times and discharging not one bottomburp, are involved in the investigation of a homicide-by-rigged-race-car in Monza, Italy.

The plot is worthless dreck with no suspense or clever twists. Milian explains everything at the end of the movie in one big monologue, hardly justifying watching the preceding hour and twenty-six minutes, and refuses or fails to perform any of his own stunts. And this includes the movie's exercise-dance routine. The fatal car crash in the beginning is painfully obvious and filthy stock footage of probably some real unfortunate Italian biting the dust, and, though Giraldi's multi-faceted, insulting use of the Italian slang for "f-ck" is always funny and this in a PG-rated movie for kids, the movie's promise vulgarity is sincerely missed.

Climactic race-car pursuit through the streets of Rome is supposed to involve actual professional vehicles, but, instead, features go-karts outfitted to look like Formula 1 rods. Watching late-stage, withering comedies by the Marx Brothers, Laurel & hardy, and even Cheech & Chong is often poignant. Here, Bombolo barely fulfills a cameo, and poor Milian, fat, pasty, and unhealthy about the face, looks positively hospital-bound.

One of the worst musical scores.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics