Violence for Kicks / I violenti di Roma bene (1975)

0.5 out of 5

Shabby poliziottescho is dominated by a higher than average amount of technical incompetence. The horrible acting, storyline, and sloppy scene structure are somewhat forgivable, but camera-work is riddled by sloppy tilts, pans, and a violation of the most sacred camera move of the genre: the illustrious smash-zoom. Hardly a camera subject zoomed in on enjoys a final focus of more than 4-5 seconds. This is, if anything, a terrible insult to Stelvio Massi.

Antonio Sabato's karate moves combined with the fast motion photography bring to mind Rudy Ray Moore beating whitey's ass, and Sabato's dubbing sounds curiously like Daffy Duck. More annoying than humorous. Additionally, most of Sabato's outbursts of barely stifled rage fall flat, as does the movie's soundtrack in its attempts to liven up the sex and violence with lots of diluted Billy Cobham/Chick Corea-style funk.

Movie should have been retitled "Execrable Film-making For Kicks".

Our protagonist goes up against a bourgeois gang of rish-kid sadists who further their violent philosophy of life by dividing society's humans into "worms, slaves, and dominators"(?) Unfortunately, most of the cast are too similar to tell the difference. Avoid.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics