Violent Naples / Napoli violenta (1976)

4.5 out of 5

While the point of view car through the streets introduction to a Eurocrime movie is a well rode path, the accompaniment of a great little foot tapper from Franco Micalizzi heralds something quite spectacular and iconic from genre favourite Umberto Lenzi.

A lawless Napoli of protection rackets, cigarette bootlegging, violent armed robbery and general gangsterism calls for Commissario Betti, who is played by Maurizio Merli for third time, and his methods that largely consists of kicking seven bells of confession out of those who cross him. No liberal he and nor does he allow himself to be constrained by democratic oversight and the rule of law instead preferring more natural justice his way.

Breathtaking paced action sees too many fistfights to count, a bowling ball strike to a head, gunplay, rooftop chases, car chases, a free ride on the roof of a trolley bus for Merli and a brilliantly shot wheel eye view motorbike segment taking us through the streets of Napoli that are captured so well as they experience the day to day.

John Saxon heads up a strong supporting cast and tooth deficient child actor Massimo Deda provides an unofficial link with Weapons Of Death with a Gennaro to Gennarino transformation that continues into Alfonso Brescia's inferior Napoli serenata calibro 9 with a different child actor in moppet mode. Do not miss.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics