What Have They Done to Your Daughters / La polizia chiede aituto (1974)

4.0 out of 5

Being the second part of the ”schoolgirl” trilogy preceded by What Have You Done to Solange?, and later completed with Rings of Fear Massimo chooses to focus on the female assistant director attorney Vittoria Stori, Giovanna Ralli, and Inspector Silvestri, Claudio Cassinelli, rather than on a common copper on the hunt plot.

What at first looks like a suicide reveals itself to be a grim murder, and after taking up that lead, the investigation takes Stori and Silvstri right into the midst of a ring of sinister and powerful child molesters. An organisation that won’t hesitate to kill off an assistant director attorney and a nosy cop, or bending the laws if it will keep them free - which obviously sets up the downbeat and rather cynical ending this movie climaxes with.

The movie also uses the illegal abortion theme that was previously used in the initial installment – What Have You Done to Solange?, and bookends the film with some harsh statistics on the reality that possibly inspired Dallamano and Ettore Sanzó’s screenplay.

Moving between genres, Dallamano once again blends poliziotteschi with giallo in a splendid combination and tops it all off with a fantastic Stelvio Cipriani score. There’s some classic gialli moments complete with subjective camerawork hiding the axe wielding killer and the obligatory poliziotteschi car-chase-down-narrow-streets sequence that isn’t to be missed.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics