Find a Place to Die / Joe... cercati un posto per morire! (1968)

3.0 out of 5

Find A Place To Die is an enjoyable but average Spaghetti Western that follows the conventions and features a lot of the cliches of its genre. The movie is about an American woman who's stranded in Mexico and seeks out the help of an American soldier who supposedly went AWOL and is hiding out. The soldier rounds up a group of misfits and they escort the woman through the gang and outlaw-infested deserts of Mexico to rescue her husband who was trapped in a mining accident. At the end of the trip will be a reward for all of them, which means that there will be an inevitable double-cross. The question is who will turn on the rest of the group, and how will the outlaws come into play? Aside from the film starring the gorgeous Daniela Giordano and Pascale Petit in roles that gave them a well-deserved decent amount of screen time, as well as a good performance by Jeffrey Hunter in the lead role despite his character feeling very out of place, there's nothing noteworthy about the film. Find A Place To Die has a somewhat comedic vibe and some fun moments here and there while maintaining a level of grittiness, and it's worth seeing at least once, but those looking for an outstanding Spaghetti Western may want to pass. Giuliano Carnimo,who directed mostly Westerns, went on to helm a well-known Giallo, Case Of The Bloody Iris.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics