Mean Frank and Crazy Tony / Dio, sei proprio un padreterno! (1973)

4.0 out of 5

Director Michael Lupo directs this engaging poliziottescho that possesses one almost unthinkable flaw: a scene of a man tossed out a window lacks the obligatory dummy. Indisputable evidence of sacrilege if it weren't for the quality of the rest of the movie.

The charismatic yet sinister presence of Lee Van Cleef,Frank, and Frank's loyal, puppy-dog of a criminal apprentice Tony Lo Bianco,Tony, benefit from an imaginative plot, some beautiful Genovese locations--including a dynamic prison sequence that comes complete with a functioning soccer field on the yard--and a smash-up derby between truck and a police caravan through miles of French countryside.

Additionally, the movie presents an exceptional rogue's gallery of bad guys, including Romano Puppo, Robert Hundar, Giovanni Cianfriglia, and ogre Nello Pazzafini, who engages Frank in one knockout fist-fight in a shower. This allows a hilariously bald-capped Van Cleef stand-in to receive, and deliver, the brunt of the violent kicks and punches.

Riz Ortolani supplies some punchy funk bass and drums to accompany much of the action, as well. Lots of J&B Scotch plugs and the unspeakably sexy Edwige Fenech, in this viewer's opinion, the most sumptuous woman to appear on film, provides some intermittent booty in a shower scene. Yet these common elements never rob the screen of its numerous shootings, electrocutions, and drillings for those who require less joy from the genre.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics