Raiders of Atlantis, The / I predatori di Atlantide (1983)

1.0 out of 5

Though it boasts an exceptional trailer, this sloppy Ruggero Deodato actioner earns only one star. Not even its synthesizer score, flamboyant enough to make Claudio Simonetti blush, can improve things. Plus, it is one of the noisiest films since Finding Nemo.

Chris Connelly leads an oblivious group of scientists and warriors through a war zone that, evidently, is the lost world of Atlantis. At least, that's what the audience is asked to believe when confronted by the art department's bubbling miniature that belches to the surface of the ocean like some greasy egg. From here, a menacing army of post-nuclear-resembling "Interceptors" attack, and attack, and attack our heroes, accompanied by a sound mix cacophony of shotguns, Magnums, bombs, grenades, and flamethrowers that create a deafening alternative to hearing, let alone understanding, any of the dialogue spoken onscreen.

Enormous amounts of throbbing synth fill in what's left of the movie's already pulverized soundtrack. Endless, boring massacres are reminiscent of the obnoxious Castellari Bronx films, yet at least those cinematic atrocities had a few laughs. Here the baddies sustain zero interest, even while being decapitated astride their motorcycles.

Connelly provides enough emphysemic, macho charm and appears to do all his own stunts, but is wasted here, as is Tony King, who fared much better in the black action classic Gordon's War. Watch the entertaining trailer instead.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics