Black Emanuelle / Emanuelle nera (1975)

2.0 out of 5

Black Emanuelle, that is Laura Gemser, represents the entire concept of unleashed and unrestrained monsterous third world sexuality, placeless yet seemingly at home in Kenya, as she makes out in straw huts and amongst the wild animals of the game reserve to a soundtrack that occasionally strays into the cliche of bongos and animal squawks.

An unquenchable thirst for sex sees Gemser devour all before her in her web of hypersexuality amongst the zebra prints, Land Rovers and safari suits as this erotic and exotic travelogue goes nowhere in particular beyond showing some beautiful scenery and sexual symbolism including phallic totems and even the hackneyed pumping pistons as Gemser makes out with a hockey team on a train who are found wearing Game of Death yellow Bruce Lee adult romper suits.

While this genre defining feature creates the framework for what is to follow the excesses of zoophilia or cinéma vérité footage set up to look like snuff are not evident in this restrained exploitation of the Just Jaeckin film from the prior year.

While interesting as a franchise inspiring work and as a piece of genre film history the Bitto Albertini directed Emanuelle nera is pretty nondescript as a piece of erotica. This was to prove to be a franchise that was in need of Joe D'amato and when he arrived on the scene all hell was to break loose and it sent a shiver through the world of domesticated animals.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics