Hallucination Strip / La polizia non può intervenire (1975)

3.0 out of 5

Massimo, Bud Cort, a young student in Rome orchestrates a burglary at the home of his girlfriend Cinzia, Annarita Grapputo, and with her co-operation steals a valuable jewel box belonging to her wealthy father. Using the jewel box as collateral he organises drug deal so he can supply pampered Mummy’s boy Rudy, Settimio Segnatelli, with some drugs for a party. Rudy can’t handle his gear and takes a death dive through a window after some mind-blowing hallucinations. This puts Massimo in a fix not only with the police but the drug dealers who supplied him the gear and who now have the jewel box, which Cinzia’s very well connected father wants found at all costs.

Seemingly director Lucio Marcaccini’s only feature, no credits appear for him at all after making this film which isn’t surprising as it’s flatly directed and quite poorly put together with only the epic hallucination scene really worthy of any note. American actor Bud Cort has an odd look about him, tends to look like a small teenage boy with a beard glued on rather than a rebellious student so it’s a bit of a strange sight seeing him cavorting with a fully naked Annarita Grapputo.

The psychedelic rock soundtrack is a departure from the usual big band affairs given to us by maestros such as Franco Micalizzi and though quite jarring at first fits the tone of the film quite well after a while, that plus the nakedness and hallucinations make this a recommended film for those times when stuck for something to watch.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics