SS Girls / Casa privata per le SS (1977)

1.0 out of 5

A bunch of women are rounded up and trained unco-ordinated ballet & fencing, and weight lifting while wearing togas. They are also trained in the art of seduction with strict orders to please a man at any costs no matter how perverse or immoral the situation as this includes seducing German Shepherds. Why? Well, to expose traitorous officers within the Third Reich, thats why.

Makes perfect sense... Bruno Mattei that is, the director responsible for this poor and completely sexist imitation of Salon Kitty. Not that Salon Kitty isn't sexist, it is, but Salon Kitty is a well produced and directed film compared to this travesty and is based on fact.

SS Girls is filled wall to wall with gratuitous female nudity and pathetic attempts at softcore sex. Hardcore sex would've been more appropriate for this cast and director's abilities. The viewer is subjected to scenes of Hippie looking German officers, atrocious dialogue with stock war footage taken from a vastly superior war film compared to this junk while a classical soundtrack tries to introduce class to the many sordid scenes, but instead comes across as been inappropriate and laughable.

The film is, however, as hinted above, unintentionally amusing but after an hour of this rubbish the amusement quickly fades to that of complete and utter boredom and one is left wishing that the film would just come to an abrupt end.

For Nazisploitation collectors only and if any male gets a turn on while watching this movie then professional help is highly recommended.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics