Blood Calls to Blood / Sangue chiama sangue (1968)

1.0 out of 5

Utterly lifeless Euro western obscurity possesses a typical revenge scenario, but manages to create an original way of exploring the oft used storyline. A gang of Mexicans invade a monastery and ruthlessly kill all the monks residing within, taking a statue of the virgin Mary and the diamonds adorning it with them. A man named Andrew, upon arriving at the monastic temple, discovers his brother, a friar there, is among the dead. Swearing revenge, he goes after Sancho and his gang.

The plot is unoriginal, but yields promise. If only the usually reliable Luigi Capuano, a director of brainless actioners was able to lasso a more cohesive and structurally formulative picture, this might be far better than it would have any right to be. Unfortunately, nothing works and not even the bloated and filthy nihilism of the always welcome Fernando Sancho can save this one. Stephen Forsyth makes an odd lead who does the film no favors. The script is also guilty of the typical pasta land last minute plot contrivance which does nothing but make this movie all the more annoying.

Capuano was not a director of serious cinema, but could generally be counted on for some childish Saturday matinee style thrills. Some of his more entertaining films are The Revenge Of Ursus, 1961, The Lion of St. Mark, 1963 starring the great Gordon Scott and Hercules and the Black Pirates, 1964. Judging his scant few westerns based on this entry, Capuano was seemingly more comfortable directing sugar coated swashbucklers populated by stoic heroes, nefarious villains and gorgeous maidens.

Blood Calls to Blood speaks to Sancho fanatics and diehard completists only.

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