Gang War in Milan / Milano rovente (1973)

2.5 out of 5

Sicilian pimps duke it out with French heroin dealers in a battle of the lowlifes for control of the future illicit economy of Milan in what at first appears to be a Contraband style good villains against bad villains fight only to emerge as simply an amoral battle for influence. Countless deaths later and pig and farmer become indistinguishable as Antonio Sabato and Philippe Leroy, as leaders of the warring enterprises, sit, toast one another and begin to make money.

Milano rovente is an exceptionally sleazy affair with it's Carlo Rustichelli jazz score and the ladies of the night who suffer incredible violence from knives, fists and acid attacks to become collateral damage in a battle of wills, ego and interests. The revelation of the Frenchman's homosexuality allows homophobia and homophobic violence to be thrown into an already grimy mix.

Featuring a supporting role for Marisa Mell the film is one that should appeal to those with a penchant for grittier Eurocrime as the focus is on the message that the world of the street criminal is not one deserving of a viewing through rose tinted spectacles.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics