Fast Hand Is Still My Name / Mi chiamavano 'Requiescat'... ma avevano sbagliato (1975)

2.0 out of 5

The Civil War has ended, but Machedo craves revenge for the death of his brother. He and his gang massacre a Union outpost leaving the Captain, Jeff Madison, for dead after mangling his hand. Madison survives and after recuperating, heads off after Machedo and his men.

Mario Bianchi hides behind the pseudonym of Frank Bronston for this rudimentary, but excessively gruesome plate of spaghetti heavy on the sauce. It makes up for its grocery list of inefficiencies by piling on the violence at least during the first 30 minutes. From there, it becomes stale and trite. William Berger does his best as the nasty villain, but Sergio Ciani, formerly an actor in about a dozen muscleman epics the prior decade, does little to make his character of much interest especially after he's been covered in spit and maimed by Machedo.

The score by the usually reliable Gianni Ferrio, who orchestrated many memorable cues for sword and sandal cinema, falls flat here with a bizarre jazz style soundtrack. Amidst the violence, there's also a sex scene, which isn't seen too often in these movies. If not for the brutality, this exercise in exploitation would be worthless and even then, it's not much of a recommendation.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics