Touch Of Death / Quando Alice ruppe lo specchio (1988)

3.0 out of 5

Lester Parson, Brett Halsey, is a middle aged gigolo with a penchant for a certain type of woman, insanely wealthy and physically deformed. He likes to wine them, dine them, steal all their money, kill them, and dispose of the bodies. Even as the police begin to see the pattern within his killing, his degenerate need to fund his gambling addiction keeps him going from one unfortunately lady. When a strangely familiar voice begins stalking Lester and his newest victim seeks to turn the tables on him, it seems that time has run out for a killer with the touch of death.

While Lucio Fulci’s film seems to make little nods to both the giallo and the sex comedy, Quando Alice ruppe lo specchio has more in common with a John Waters movie or a black comedy than any of the rest of Lucio’s catalog. This does allow for an uneven tone at times, but it is interesting to see Fulci try and blend comedy into his style of intensely gory violence. This was the second of three collaborations between the director and Brett Halsey, and it is easily the best performance of the trio. Al Cliver also appears as Lester’s bookie, and Zora Kerova as one of Lester’s intended victims. While Touch of Death is a singular film in the Fulci catalog, it is well worth any Italian film fan’s time.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics