Rolf (1985)

3.5 out of 5

Antonio Marsina, Keoma, Colt .38 Special Squad, The Big Racket, stars as the titular character an ex-soldier of fortune who’s settled down for a quiet life as a charter pilot. For some reason the local police don’t take to Rolf and start hassling him and when a dead body turns up in town they take him in for questioning, rough him up a bit and take his fingerprints with shit straight out of the toilet bowl. An old mate of Rolfs arrives with the offer of easy money. Easy money in return for running some drugs in his plane but Rolf is clean, doesn’t want to know and kicks his old friend out. Old friend is annoyed about this and gets his team of sweaty, pig ugly, cronies to gang rape and murder Rolf’s girlfriend.

From here on in it’s your typical First Blood clone with the ex-merc tooling up and dishing out revenge, all to the sweet disco sounds of Fabio Frizzi’s cheesy 80’s score. Possibly one of the scuzziest looking films of it’s type. Shot in what looks like the Middle East with a paltry budget it makes up for any shortcomings in set design and acting talent by throwing in some crazy wtf moments like using children thrown into the air as target practice, gruesome gore and copious instances of misogyny from horrible, ugly, toothless men.

Totally inappropriate, but well worth a look.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics