Yor: The Hunter From The Future / Il mondo di Yor (1983)

3.5 out of 5

Reb Brown stars as Yor, a man in search of his past, and future. During this quest for self discovery he encounters friendly prehistoric tribes, savage ape men, hungry rampaging dinosaurs, a strange tribe of fire desert men who worship a white goddess. Eventually Yor's journey leads him to a bizarre futuristic society controlled by a mad tyrannical overlord and his army of Darth Vader influenced androids heavily armed with lasers.

Actually, the android costumes were taken from the previous 1979 Italian Star Wars rip off The Humanoid. Both films also star Italian genre favourite and Bond girl Corinne Clery, here playing Yor's love interest.

Yor, is an enjoyable, if often cheesy and unintentionally amusing film incorporating elements of fantasy adventure and science fiction directed by the great Antonio Margheriti who is also known as Anthony M. Dawson.

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