Calibro 70 (2008)

3.0 out of 5

First time director Alessandro Rota crafts a loving tribute to the poliziotteschi genre with this entertaining short film. In it, the filmmakers create a convincing enough portrait of Italy in the 1970s complete with the appropriate poliziotteschi iconography; Alfa Romeo Giulias, Beretta M12 submachineguns and J&B whiskey. It's also fun to see actor Ivan Fabio Perna appearing to mimic Tomas Milian for much of the film in his role as Leonardo Morra. Morra comes complete with a large band aid on his forehead and nationality themed moniker "The Swiss" similar to Milian's character in Umberto Lenzi's The Cynic, The Rat, and the Fist. Furthermore it's perhaps no coincidence that actor Silvio Arduino sports an almost uncanny resemblance to Lenzi.

Full of references to classic poliziotteschi flicks, the film is a virtual eurocrime themed game of I Spy. The film makes these nods in a skillful manner and doesn't appear to be overly obnoxious or self-indulgent in doing so. The film contains a nicely realized twist at the end which while has the potential to disappoint some, is bound to put a smile on the face of any die hard eurocrime fanatic.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics