American Tiger / American risciò (1990)

2.0 out of 5

This nudity-ridden Sergio Martino actioner features gymnast-turned-actor Mitch Gaylord as a Cococut Grove rickshaw puller, think a Central Park horse carriage that runs on manpower, who becomes ensnared in a ridiculous murder plot involving pornographic blackmail, a Lou Ferigno lookalike hitman, cult leader Donald Pleasance, and an enigmatic Chinese occult figure who has the wearying task of undergoing numerous "visions" to further confuse things.

The boomy sound recording could have been remedied if Martino allowed the film's copious amounts of New Age synth to drown out all the cryptic dialogue. The dubbing, also, sounds like it was looped inside a fire hydrant. The incomprehensible story makes for one long Nancy Drew Mystery, and Gaylord's co-stars, who are likely his fellow gymnast buddies judging by their diminutive statures and ripped builds, display worse acting skills than our shiny protagonist.

The movie's soundtrack throbs with the music of what sounds like jazz-pop act Spyro Gyra at their most jubilant.

The best scene involves Gaylord threatening his stripper girlfriend with a syringe, gasping: "I found this in the gutter. I'm sure you're familiar with AIDS!". Sadly, the climactic sight of a demonic warthog making a nice gooshy burst through the foam latex body of Donald Pleasance hardly redeems the movie.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics