Eyes of Crystal / Occhi di cristallo (2004)

3.5 out of 5

Neo Giallo, which proves that not all is Dario Argento and Mario Bava. Made several decades after the last real decent Giallo was made, Eyes of Crystal manages to get right in there and serve up the familiar traits and red herrings associated with the genre.

A serial killer is on the loose. His modus operandi is to lop off body parts from his victims and replacing them with puppet parts. At home in the safety of his lair he’s working on the ultimate taxidermy project… Time is against him as super detective Inspettore Amaldi is tracking him down.

Several character arcs are woven into the complex narrative which all comes together neatly in the last act as all is traditionally revealed. The story Franco Ferrini wrote for director Eros Puglielli is far better than a lot of the contemporary stuff he wrote for Dario Argento, and it boggles the mind to think what Argento could have done with a source material like this.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics