How We Stole the Atomic Bomb / Come rubammo la bomba atomica (1967)

4.0 out of 5

The film is directed by Lucio Fulci and by this period it was clear that the familiar style of the director was by now pretty much fully developed. As such this film may interest those more familiar with the director's later horror work.

Haters of Franco and Ciccio will probably not like this one as the pairing here do what they do in their usual way. Franco gurns and Ciccio is constantly exasperated. However this one is probably good enough to win over those who sit on the fence when it comes to the dozy duo and they do have some really good material to work with here.

How We Stole the Atomic Bomb works for a number of reasons. Firstly the writing. It is well written. Franco and Ciccio are on top form and when it works for them, it really does work. Secondly the Egyptian locations are interesting and captured in that distinct Lucio Fulci way.

One of the writers is long term Fulci collaborator Roberto Gianviti and another is regular Franco and Ciccio scribe Amedeo Sollazzo.

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