Hunters of the Golden Cobra / I cacciatori del cobra d'oro (1982)

2.0 out of 5

The Golden Cobra, a cheap and nasty looking artifact itself hardly worthy of the adulation of tribal elder and politician, is the subject of an Indiana Jones style jungle based Where's Wally hunt for a lacquered Kaa toy. Nevertheless, the object seems to be important enough to those who seek to commission John Steiner who disappears early in the film, presumably to shoot another feature, and a David Warbeck who grimaces in the most constipated fashion through pretty much every action sequence.

The titular hunt itself is a bit of a disappointment and largely consists of a brief bus ride after which the driver self immolates, a short flight in a sea plane and a bit of a stroll on the fringes of the jungle before stumbling upon a volcano that houses the underwhelming gold effect snake.

Nevertheless this is the work of Antonio Margheriti and, unsurprisingly enough, it is directed with the utmost enthusiasm. It is the work of a man as much at home with the guns-in-the-jungle genre as he is amongst his exploding compound miniatures and volcano model.

While Indiana Jones fans are likely to be disappointed by this one lovers of Bruno Mattei's harmlessly goofy jungle actioners, Strike Commando for example, will no doubt lap this shit up.

Almanta Suska plays sisters, both of them, though not at the same time and a sweaty Luciano Pigozzi struggles with the tropical heat.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics