Man Called Magnum, A / Napoli si ribella (1977)

2.0 out of 5

Dario Mauri, a Milianese cop transferred to Napoil, quickly gets entangled in a war between an old mafioso and a ruthless rival. Aided by the violent drawings of the mafioso's adopted daughter, Mauri and his new partner attempt to catch the gangsters before it's too late.

Although directed by Sergio Leone's former cameraman Michele Massimo Tarantini and penned by the legendary Dardano Sacchetti A Man Called Magnum never quite lives up to other Napoli based Poliziotteschi's. There are some odd comical moments that probably play more to local humour than to non-Italian's and the plot isn't quite as engaging as the premise sounds.

The requisite car chases and shootout's are all present and well staged, particularly a great improvised use of a hand grenade in one scene, and there is a nice funky score by Franco Campanino.

Not the greatest poliziotteschi but certainly not the worst either. Luc Merenda fans no doubt will still want this in their collection.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics