Lightning Bolt / Operazione Goldman (1966)

2.0 out of 5

Anthony Eisley, star of the early 60s American TV show Hawaiian Eye, appears as Harry Senate in this James Bond knockoff directed by Antonio Magheriti. Replacing Bond's gadgets with a loaded checkbook, Senate attempts to use his wits, and the power of a dollar, to foil a beer magnate with his eye on world domination.

Operazione Goldman appears as a light spoof of the spy genre, but it never takes the extra step to become an all out spy comedy like another 1966 release, Our Man Flint. Eisley floats through the movie on the weight on his own charm, and he does so admirably. However, he falls short in the film's actions sequences which prow that Senate is more adept at writing a check than throwing a punch. The film benefits from the appearance of Senate's partner, Agent 38-22-36, played by Wandisa Guida. She is fetching and provides some of the films better comic moments at Eisley's expense.

Director Antonio Magheriti had directed many action films over the years, but this early effort fails to capture a thrill. With heavy use of stock footage and some really poor miniature work, Operazione Goldman provides as many, if not more, unintentional laughs than the ones written into the script. The soundtrack is perhaps the most notable element of the film as it perfectly imitates the John Barry scores for the James Bond movies. Overall, Operazione Goldman is required for die hard fans of spy films or Magheriti completists, but the casual viewer may find it amusing due to its failures.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics