Three Fantastic Supermen, The / I Fantastici tre supermen (1967)

3.5 out of 5

It is obviously the intention to make Kommissar X fans feel at home by having Kendall and Harris practically channel their roles into this film, but even more likable is the film’s ambition for a more-is-better output by not settling for one, but three supermen. It’s hard to get enough of watching three grown men having the time of their lives, dressed in superhero costumes, robbing, scamming, and ultimately saving the world; all done in a way that sort of turns the anti-hero theme onto its head.

Gianfranco Parolini makes great use of his female cast, filling an all-girl boarding-school for up-and-coming thieves with stunning beauties who appear to be having as much fun as the title characters. The way everyone goes about their business at the school while dancing is grin-inducing and makes for a unique brand of entertainment not likely found anywhere else.

All of the flashy entertainment sort of distracts from the fact that the story is pretty standard fare, though, and the babbling from the mute superman is extremely obnoxious, but he still somehow ends up being the coolest, particularly on account of being played by a great stuntman, Aldo Canti. The visual of the three supermen in an automobile not large enough to hold them, with two in the front and one holding on in the back, is a great icon in itself, and a sort of metaphor for three characters squeezing into a role that is usually played by one.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics