Red Hot Shot / Colpo rovente (1970)

2.0 out of 5

merican actor Michael Reardon stars a Frank Berin, a cop on the trail of a major drug dealer. When his suspect is assassinated on a crowded street, Berin must start over ad go deeper delving into the corrupt world of the mob and the pharmaceutical industry. Setting itself apart from other poliziottesco, Red Hot Shot tackles not only the drug trade, but the hippie movement in early 70s New York that fueled it. The demand of the youth for new highs can be directly traced to the drug industries harrowing experiments on young subjects in order to develop new psychedelic experiences.

The silver haired Reardon carries the film on his back, and his best scenes come when he goes undercover in the youth movement. Barbara Bouchet appears here in an early role and in a black wig covering her usual copper locks. Piero Zuffi, usually an Art Director or Production Designer, directed this one and only film, and while it contains some stylish moments and solid camera work, the story is ultimately convoluted and boring at points. Fans of polizia films should check it out for the shift in subject matter from murders and bank robberies, but there’s not much there to stir anyone but the hardcore.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics