Bronx Executioner, The / La Giustiziere del Bronx (1989)

2.5 out of 5

Although The Bronx Executioner is ‘technically’ directed by Vanio Amici, much of this film is comprised of footage stolen from director Romolo Guerrieri’s similarly themed 1984 post-apocalypse jaunt The Final Executioner.

Despite this fact, Amici’s version proves more interesting than expected, providing enough action and endearingly awful set pieces to please those who simply can’t get enough Italian trash in their lives. Woody Strode’s scenes are all stolen from Guerreri’s version, with obvious editing tricks used to incorporate the dubbed dialogue into Strode’s ‘scenes’ with his stiff-as-a-board ‘co-star’ Gabrielle Gori.

Man-mountain Alex Vitale is far more entertaining as the oafish Dakar, a humanoid who is leading the rebellion against renegade cyborgs, out to enslave what is supposed to be a barren, bombed out New York, but which looks more like a simple, desolate desert. Bruno Mattei favorite Margie Newton from Hell of the Living Dead also appears as the cyborg clan’s leader, making numerous hairstyle and costume changes along the way, thanks to stock footage which is also stolen from Guerrieri’s film.

Nevertheless, The Bronx Executioner succeeds almost in spite of itself, appealing as a cock-eyed, groaning example of late period Italian action theatre.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics