Last Mercenary, The / Rolf (1984)

3.5 out of 5

Unapologetically sleazy and unpleasant to the bone, Mario Siciliano’s Rolf does for violence what the director’s prior porn efforts did for sex: revel and wallow in it like a pig in slop. The film combines Macaroni Combat-styled bullets and explosions with a nasty, exploitation style atmosphere as we follow the exploits of Rolf, Antonio Marsina, a former mercenary who attempts to pull one more job for an old war buddy.

Our hero endures a change of heart, however, dumping a bag full of trafficked cocaine out of an airplane. Needless to say, the antagonists don’t take too kindly to this waste of product, and see fit to punish Rolf for his actions, namely by raping and murdering his girlfriend Joana, played by Ketty Nichols. These are some serious villains here, at one point demonstrating their depravity by—wait for it—TOSSING BABIES IN THE AIR AND SHOOTING THEM DOWN.

No joke, Rolf is nasty, unbridled cinematic trash, and is made all the more enjoyable by its unabashed embracing of The Sleaze. Only Rolf’s final confrontation with the main mercenary serves as a bit of an anticlimactic letdown, bolstered only by Fabio Frizzi’s fantastically cheesy disco score.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics