Knives of the Avenger / I coltelli del vendicatore (1966)

3.5 out of 5

It may be all about the Vikings, or at least some Vikings, but Knives of the Avenger, in truth, is a western of sorts. Knives of the Avenger takes classic spaghetti western themes, such as the mysterious stranger, revenge and redemption, and re-dresses the whole cast in furs to make a genre shift into the realm of sword and sandal cinema. Indeed, this is one of a number of forays in this area of film from director Mario Bava, including another Cameron Mitchell led Viking effort Erik the Conqueror. Here, the western theme is further underscored by an harmonica infused, oater-friendly score from Marcello Giombini. The difference being, aside from costuming, the action consisting of knife throwing as opposed to gunslinging.

Being a Mario Bava film it should come as no surprise to learn that the film is visually quite incredible. Bava, who was to the use of light what Jacques Tourneur was to shadows, bathes the later scenes in a cave in the most delicious gels. Okay, this is not to the overwhelming extent of the wonderful Hercules in the Haunted World, but the style is certainly recognisable.


  1. Cheri has recommended me to contact you and use your expertise to find a movie for me.

    This movie was produced in 1964-65 by an Italian Producer namely Allessandro Altieri . The title was SEEMURGH. This movie was based on the life style of HIPPIES and was shot in Pakistan, India and Nepal.

    I am of the opinion that after the movie was complete. the producer may have changed the original tile from Seemurgh to some thing else and I have no clue of the new title.

    I have written about 70 letters to different organizations but so far no success.

    You are my last source when some body highly recommended your professionalism in this field, they told me that you can help me if you can.

    Your help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

    I am looking for movie Seemurgh or the new title.


    M. Ahmed

  2. Hi, the only title from the period that sounds a little like what you are asking for is "Mio Mao: Fatiche ed avventure di alcuni giovani occidentali per introdurre il vizio in Cina" or in English "My Mao"

    Story: "A young protester, Jude decides to go to China, to address what he considers a major flaw of that regime as close to the ideals of universal equality, it has the wrong, in fact, that it had overthrown the power and hate the habit. With a group of his followers - two young, Bob and Tom, three girls, Jean, Claire and Mia - Judas arrives in Turkey, where there is the problem of obtaining, by legitimate and illicit, extra money for the trip. At this point, finding that it wished to, but also knowing that Judah can not tolerate the feelings, Bob and Mia left the group to return to Italy. On the road between Turkey and India, Judas sells desert nomads nude photos of her companions, but it causes such an uproar from having to leave quickly. In view of India, Claire, who began to have doubts over the company, is separated from the others but is kidnapped and disappeared without trace, while Jean prefers to turn away to follow Judas, as a secretary, a Swiss architect. Influenced by the ascetic life of a Buddhist monastery, Tom decides to wear the habit, so Judah, at the end of a long journey, is the only one to finally reach the Chinese border. At the border, however, the "Red Guards" reject him harshly. As he stands, dispirited, on the seashore, sees it, the plane, John, who drops to console him."

    Hope this is the film you seek


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