Silver Saddle / Sella d'argento (1978)

3.0 out of 5

The viewer can always put money on Fulci´s western. In this movie the viewer gets the best of two worlds. It is, partially, a family movie with a lot of cosy moments. There is also some really heavy, graphic, violence.

Geoffrey Lewis' performance takes up a lot of the movie. He is brilliant as the God-fearing, two-timing snake that he is! Hence his name “2 Strike Snake”. But, the big performance goes to Giuliano Gemma. In every scene the spark in his eyes is evident. He loves to do westerns and that shows. He was born with boots on. He plays Roy Blood, a famous gunfighter recognized by everyone due to his Silver Saddle and the story behind it.

Roy gets gets an offer to do a professional killing, but refuses. He does things by the book. Justice before all! However, he quickly changes his mind when he hears the name of the person he is supposed to kill. It is the man who, twenty years earlier, gunned down his father. When he finds that person, the movie takes a twist in another direction.

This is a movie for everyone who wants to get into the whole Spaghetti universe; an easy start.

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