Strike Commando 2 / Trappola diabolica (1988)

1.0 out of 5

Bruno Mattei's enjoyably inept Manilla Macaroni, Strike Commando, had shit for brains for sure, but at least it had a bit of fire in the old belly. Its sequel, a lazy "Braddock" clone penned, surprise surprise by Claudio Fragrasso, underlines the reductive tendencies of Flora Films' Filipino productions and the depressingly dystrophic state of Italian genre film come the end of the 80s.

Gone are the steroidal inflections of Reb Brown, replaced by cardboard cutout stand-in, Brent Huff. Here is truly a man incapable of acting, even if his flimsy career depended upon it. Instead, the production's payroll budget appears to have been thrown wholeheartedly at Richard Harris who manages to stay sober for just about long enough to solemnly do, well, nothing in particular actually.

The ubiquitous explosions inherent to Mattei's other and far superior Vietnam actioners are sadly nothing more here than damp squib-farts interrupted only by the awkward exchanges of dialogue better executed in the very worst excesses of a bargain basement Teddy Page effort. A ridiculous belching competition early on in the film says it all - Strike Commando 2 is a fizzy burp of movie.

Maurizio Merli header graphic courtesy of Paddy O'Neill of Foxyfide Graphics